Map. History of Koreas conflict

17 January 2018
Trump praises China for its action to stop North Korea, buy says it could do more and warns that Kim is getting closer every day to be able to deliver a long-range missile to the US
Trump declines to confirm reports that U.S. is debating possible pre-emptive strike on North Korea
'We are playing a very, very hard game of poker' with North Korea, Trump says
In Reuters interview, Trump says Russia is helping North Korea evade sanctions
"We see this as an opportunity for the government to see the value of ending its international isolation by denuclearization. We are still very much focused and hope that happens," @PressSec says on North and South Korea marching together at the Olympics
2 hour ago
North Korea summit undermines U.N., aggravates situation
5 hour ago
Olympic talks boost hopes for reopening of Inter-Korean land routes
North Korea agrees to send 550-member delegation to Winter Olympics
7 hour ago
Koreas agree on unified women's hockey team at Winter Olympics: Yonhap
7 hour ago
North Korea, South Korea agree to march together under unified Korea flag at Winter Olympics, South Korea says
10 hour ago
KCNA: "In fact, the U.S. wants a war, not peace on the Korean PeninsulaThe U.S. is miscalculating. Things will not turn out as the U.S. wishes. Although the U.S. makes desperate efforts to disturb peace, it can not provoke us as long as we have the strong nuclear deterrent."
10 hour ago
KCNA: "Senator from the Republican Party Lindsey Graham and other riff-raff said south Korea should refuse dialogue and the U.S. would not participate in the Winter Olympics if north Korea takes part in it."
11 hour ago
KCNA: "The south Korean authorities are sadly mistaken. We will make positive efforts to improve the north-south ties but never pardon the anti-reunification reckless acts swimming against the trend. The south Korean authorities would be well advised to behave themselves."
11 hour ago
KCNA: "What he mouthed is hardly believable as the remarks of dialogue partnerThe every word vividly expressed the humiliating mind to curry favor with the U.S."
11 hour ago
KCNA: "At the New Year news conference, the south Korean chief executive let out stupid remarks thatthe south-north dialogue can be described as the effect made by the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure, 'Trump's feats are very great' and 'he wanted to express thanks' to Trump."
China's foreign ministry said the Canada meeting on DPRK showed 'Cold War' mentality which will only create divisions in the int'l community and undermine the joint efforts made towards settlement of the peninsula issue
11 hour ago
Shake Shack opens world's largest airport branch in Incheon
11 hour ago
Ex-President of South Korea Lee denounces prosecution investigation as 'political retaliation'
South Koreas Foreign Minister: Inter-Korean talks do not run afoul of international sanctions on North Korea
12 hour ago
South Korea, Spain discuss defense cooperation
12 hour ago
Moon says PyeongChang Olympics will lead to improved inter-Korean ties
12 hour ago
South Koreas Finance minister vows to offer support for job creation by large firms
12 hour ago
A North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile launch in November was witnessed by passengers on a San Francisco-to-Hong Kong commercial flight
Satellite image shows ongoing work on North Korea's second submarine-launched ballistic missile test barge
DPRK will send a 230-strong cheering squad to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month, South Korea's unification ministry said13 hour ago
DPRK will send a 230-strong cheering squad to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month, South Korea's unification ministry said
13 hour ago
South Korea, U.S., Japan reaffirm shared goal of peacefully resolving North Korea nuke problem
20 hour ago
North Korea's denuclearization remains unwavering goal: South Korean FM
Department of State: Today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered remarks at the Vancouver Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula in Vancouver, Canada.
US military conducting "very serious" training for a possible conflict with North Korea, top Republican lawmaker says
1 day ago
South Korean bitcoin attacks 'made by same North Korean hackers that hit Sony'